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Writing a Vision of Home - 2023 Goals

The 1st week of 2023 ✍🏼 Will you write a "Vision of Home"? The idea is to describe a vivid picture of the life you want before you start house hunting.

📝 It will excite you to action and keep your commitment, energy and enthusiasm levels high from start to finish!
📝 It will put you in an incredible position of power when it comes to communicating your needs & wants to your realtor.
📝 It will help you make decisions about how much to spend & how large house/condo to buy, that is consistent with your lifestyle needs and preferences, so you don't feel like you are compromising too much.

You just need to get started! Is this home office something you envision? 

Having a statement of the desired state of your life after you buy your home, encompassing all elements of your life (where & how much you live, work, play, rest, and more) will have a remarkable impact on the process and result.

If you would like assistance, it would be our pleasure to guide you toward your 2023 real estate goals. Browse homes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach,  and the surrounding cities in Palm Beach County or contact us today for instant information.

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